Kijiji Buyers BEWARE of Puppy SCAM!

Gail Benoit & Dana Bailey continue to sell puppies despite their previous convictions of Animal Cruelty and upcomming charges on numerous other animal cruelty charges. They are now operating out of Dartmouth/Halifax area & continue to post ads on Kijiji in hopes of generating new sales.

"There was no doubt the pair mistreated dogs."

"The distressed state of the puppies was not a sudden occurrence. It developed over time. Even if the appellants’ control of the puppies had been brief — a matter of days — there was ample time and opportunity to relieve their then obvious distress, or to begin doing so,"

Characterization lacked "any air of reality" - Justice Peter Bryson Source

Monday, December 22, 2008

Esther Smith's Dead Puppy's Autopsy

Cinni's Autopsy Report:

IT SAYS THE DOG WAS VACCINATED ON JULY 15TH - that is what Esther was told at the time or purchase, later to be found out completely false !

SPCA urges puppy buyers to research before buying

HEAD: More puppy parvo deaths

SUBHEAD: SPCA urges puppy buyers to research before buying

By Jeanne Whitehead

There have been more parvo puppy deaths in Nova Scotia, and again the pups were bought from Digby County people.

Janet Robinson, who advertised the pups from sale on the internet, says she did not know they were sick.

“And I am not associated with Gail or Dana,” said Robinson.

Puppy brokers Gail Benoit and Dana Bailey of Roxville were in the news for several months this year when puppies sold by them succumbed to the deadly parvovirus. They are currently facing animal cruelty charges stemming from a 2007 seizure from their property.

Amanda Bowser of Dartmouth told the Courier that she responded to a Kijiji posting advertising German Shepherd mix puppies. She subsequently met two young women at Halifax Airport and purchased a puppy. A second was bought by her boyfriend’s brother.

Both pups were dead within days. “The vet told me it was parvovirus,” Bowser told the Courier.
Bowser said she was aware of the publicity this past summer surrounding Gail Benoit and Dana Bailey’s sale of puppies suffering from parvo, and although she understood the seller was from Digby County, she felt safe because she was assured the seller had no connection with the Benoit-Bailey duo.

Robinson replied to the Courier’s inquiry via email, stating, in part: “I was helping find these puppies homes for my 75 year-old sick grandmother and my 7 month pregnant cousin in-law …
“To those people who purchased a dog from my cousin who is a minor, I’m sorry but you will need to contact her or her parents to receive a refund … I put on the ad that I placed that the pups were NOT vet checked and did not have any sort of needles and were not registered.

“… If people are going to point fingers and blame me of intentionally selling sick puppies, I should point out that you knowingly bought puppies that were not checked by a vet and did not have needles. You must assume some responsibility.”

Mary Hill, a member of Nova Scotia SPCA’s board of directors says these recent parvo deaths underscore the fact that prospective pet owners should do research prior to buying a pup.

“And they should never buy an animal from a parking lot or the side of the road,” says Hill.

“Responsible breeders want you to come to them—and they will ask lots of questions about you, because they care about the future welfare of their pups.”

Hill suggests typing the seller’s name into the google search engine, and crosschecking names and addresses.

“A buyer should only purchase a pup that has recently been given a clean bill of health by a vet,” says Hill.

She notes that in Atlantic Canada there are many animals—young and old, including purebreds—that are in need of homes. “We encourage people to adopt from their local SPCA or animal rescue group,” says Hill.

“If you search ‘Maritime Animal Rescue’ on your computer, you’ll be taken to a site that provides links to shelters and rescue facilities in all four Atlantic provinces. Some rescue groups are even breed specific,” says Hill.

Protest for Jan.29/09

The protesters who ‘showed their dismay’ for Benoit and Bailey’s business practices in October, have applied to the town for a permit to stage another protest Jan. 29.

Prospective protesters asked to plan ahead

By Jeanne Whitehead

Canada’s Charter of Rights trumps municipal bylaws—so Digby town council’s Oct. 9 decision to classify public protests as ‘special events’ that require permits might not hold up to a challenge.

And that’s just fine, according to Mayor Ben Cleveland. He says when the previous town council decided individuals planning to hold a protest in Digby should apply for a permit under bylaw 2006-02, council wasn’t attempting to prevent spontaneous protests. They were just hoping to be forewarned.

Although the ‘special events’ permit has a $500 fee attached to it, Cleveland said that is typically waived anyway.

Frank Mackintosh, who was the mayor of Digby at the time, called an emergency meeting of town council Oct. 9 after Dana Bailey asked him to stop a protest that was going to take place in town Oct. 11.

A group of individuals were coming to Digby to protest the business practices of Bailey and his partner, Gail Benoit, local owners of a business called Puppies ‘R’ Us.

The two puppy brokers, already facing a 2007 animal cruelty charge, gained added notoriety in the summer of 2008 when puppies that they sold to individuals in the Maritime provinces died hours after the parking lot transactions were completed.

Esther Smith was one of the people whose puppies died. She was also one of the organizers of the Oct. 11 protest—which went ahead as planned.

The prospect of the Oct. 11 protest, however, triggered some research by the town’s lawyer, Andrew Montgomery.

He advised councilors that they could use bylaw 2006-02, which governs amusement performances and special events, to require organizers of future protests to apply for a permit. At the Oct. 9 meeting, councilors decided to do just that.
“We had a lot of discussion, at the time, around the fact that people have the right to ‘assemble’ and ‘express their views’,” said Cleveland.

“But it’s in the town’s best interest if we know about these things in advance, so Richard (Parry) is now telling people who ask that they should apply for a permit.”
“If there’s going to be a large number of people involved, and we need to close a street, it makes sense to know this ahead of time,” said Cleveland.

The people who staged the Oct. 11 protest are planning another one—to coincide with Benoit and Bailey’s next court date. Jan. 29, 2009. That’s when Judge Jean Louis Batiot will render a verdict on animal cruelty charges against the pair. The charges stem from the seizure of pups from their Roxville property a year ago.

Smith and her fellow protesters are doing everything ‘by the book.’ They have written to Digby town council advising, “We would like to hold a one-hour peaceful demonstration to show our dismay towards Benoit’s business practices.”
They have also asked Digby town council to waive the $500 permit fee because “We do not
generate income of any sort.”

Death Threat Charges - Dana Bailey

During the trial -Dana uttered death treats too individuals attending the trial.

According the Digby Court house , Dana Uguene Bailey, 45 will be appearing in Court on March 5, 2009 at 9:30 am to answer to death threat charges. This will be a trial and is open to general public with interest.

Gail Benoit selling pups in a parking lot - Middleton NS

Dec/17, 2008 Gail Benoit still selling puppies.

This is Susan's experience with Gail Benoit in Save-Easy parking lot Middleton, Nova Scotia.
Gail was asking $600 for this puppy, while at the bank, Susan was warned about this infamous Digby lady & her puppies.

Below are the conversations that followed:

If you bought a dog in Truro Friday Night

Ad ID: 92497739
Street address: moncton, e1a 4j2 View map
Location: Halifax
Date Listed: 05-Dec-08

I must be the luckiest person EVER, because not only was I scammed by "Jason Richardson" but tonight I went to buy another puppy hoping this would be my forever dog.... and guess who it was, G A I L B E N O I T.

She had this gorgeous tiny dog that was clearly not what she stated. She had replied to MY ad where I was looking for a toy poodle, she claimed this dog was a parti poodle with purebred parents, called me several times, sounded nice on the phone, answered all my questions...WHAT A GREAT SCAM ARTIST.

She claimed her name was Tess - she called me from a 902 area code number cell phone(contact me for details) and drove a WHITE GRAND AM (license plate was marked down if you want it) with her partner in crime, that Dale guy. I have her email address ( if you want it to be aware.

Thankfully, because of all the people posting warnings about her, I knew it was her as soon as I saw her, and I had actually printed a picture of her and had it with me. As soon as I saw her in Amherst, NS, I knew it was her. I told her I was sorry and couldn't buy this dog because I knew she was G a i l B e n o i t. I showed her the picture. I was not rude to her, but really, she lied about everything. She lied about her name, the dog was CLEARLY not a toy poodle (I believe it was the Terri Poo's she's selling)........

UNFORTUNATELY, someone else bought a dog from her in TRURO NS... If you are that person, PLEASE CONTACT ME. IT was a female Terri-Poo, I believe. YOUR DOG COULD BE SICK, this person was not named TESS, it was G A I L B E N O I T. TAKE YOUR PUPPY TO THE VET IMMEDIATELY!!!!

Thank god I knew better than to buy this mutt for $600 from this deceitful person.

EVERYONE BEWARE!!! Contact me if you have any questions. If there's one thing to be grateful of it's that I can warn other people of the crappy situations I have gotten myself in in my so far useless hunt for my perfect puppy.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Kijiji "Gail just called" Ad ID: 92751096

A phone call, and according to Gail B:

Just reporting what I was told....

I just received a phone call, and according to Gail B:

-She never lied about her name, that was apparently a misunderstanding (though she NEVER told me what her name was)
- She's 100% innocent and Chapman Kennels is to blame for everything
- She is keeping a record of everyone who posts an ad about her on Kijiji and "when the truth comes out" (and she gets her half a million dollars from the lawsuit she has ongoing) everyone who posts about her will be sued in a civil lawsuit
- There are no charges against her and no puppy that has ever been in her care has died, only the ones from Chapman Kennels in Perth-Andover
- She is tired of reading all these lies about her on the internet

Well, as far as I'm concerned, the whole story is public record, and you can read about it all over the internet in valid news stories. I'm not saying that I know what the truth is, all I can do is read what has been posted everywhere and judge by that. I need to be careful with my money, (as we all do) and careful with the lives of innocent puppies. Regardless of who is selling dogs, I don't want to buy a sick puppy from ANYONE. All we can do is be careful and I think that the intention of anyone who posts a warning ad on Kijiji is just to tell people to be cautious and smart about their transactions.

Basically her message to me on the phone was, the truth will come out and all of us will be sorry. As I told her - I hope that the truth DOES come out.

Anyway, to anyone posting ads about her, be careful.

And no matter WHO you buy a dog from, do your research.
Report ANY shady dealings to your local police dept. When there are enough warnings about someone, they will be able to do something about it and stop that person, whoever it is.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Warning: kijiji Ad ID: 91950774


Location: St. John's
Date Listed: 05-Dec-08

We are seeking out just the right home for this hansome lil TOY
( He is cute & he knows it )
This little boy will be sure to steal your heart, he is a toy (yorkie)
He has nice silky, non shedding hair, he is a very tiny little guy, so we require him to go to a home where there is a gentle hand..
This baby boy is ready to go... his siter is going to nfld on friday
Now 10weeks old, healthy,needled, dewormed x2 also a gaurentee comes with him,,he is home raised., with lots of love.<<>>
If you think you may have the perfect home for this adorable little boy, I would love to hear from you.

Warning: kijiji Ad ID: 92303364

Price: $700.00
Location: Halifax
Date Listed: 04-Dec-08

"BEAUTIFUL".. stocky little puppies
These 2 boys are now 9 weeks old.... they have amaizing raised with love..( their little personalities show ) They come with a health gaurentee, a puppy pkg. as well a write up of the history of this breed .
They both have a sweet personality..
" also raised with children "
These are the rotis that are the old fashion type..they have a big teddy bear head!!
If you are interested in more info...please reply with a little info on you & your family,,as well please send a contact phone #..

Friday, December 5, 2008

Warnings are Endless

Street address: b0p1r0 View map
Location: Halifax
Date Listed: 03-Dec-08

It has been reported that a woman sold POMs and Terri-POOs in the New Brunswick area (Bathurst, for sure, Moncton area also) They have PARVO virus and some have already died. Please report any information to the SPCA. Your local vet can help you. The pups were delivered last week sometime. It is important that the sale of these sick dogs is stopped so help us find out who sold you the dogs. We believe we know but we need proof, what kind of car, etc. and please everyone DO NOT ALLOW ANY BODY TO DELIVER YOUR DOG. they will be persistant but you must not let them talk you into it.!!!they are not doing you any favours. Poor little sick puppies!!!

True Story - Kijiji post

Mrs.Cruella has been very busy lady.

Street address:
Kingston, N.S., b0p1r0 View map
Location: Halifax
Date Listed: 05-Dec-08

Last week we had bought a puppy in Bathurst and met a woman in a parking lot as she had indicated we wouldn't be able to find the kennel, our first mistake (a lesson we learned to always go and see where the puppy is being brought up). When we picked the puppy up we realized he was very thin but thought we could bring him home and give him lots of love and food and that he would be healty. I took him to the vet the very next day and the puppy had to undergo surgery that night as he had a blocked bowel which was later determined it was caused because the puppy had suffered from the diarrhea for so long that it caused the bowel to block. The Vet had indicated it was the worse case she had ever seen. *the dog died* this happened to someone else... do not allow this to happen to you. DO NOT GET A PUP from a parking lot, mall, flea market....Get the vet's name who issued a certificate....No not buy it. If they insist on delivering it...RED FLAG. Help stamp out PARVO and Puppy Mills and Brokers

Cruel People **** kijiji Ad/Respond

Street address: Dartmouth View map
Location: Halifax
Date Listed: 05-Dec-08

This is for the twisted people selling all of these sick puppies to unsuspecting people...You are DISGUSTING human beings! How do you sleep at night knowing that you are murderers?? These innocent little darlings, having to go through such things, who do these people think they are?? They must be stopped!! How are people still buying these pups? NEVER buy a puppy from the back of a vehicle, or meet someone in a parking lot...Always see where your pup comes from, the home, the parents, the breeders, etc...STOP THESE PEOPLE!!!
Keep your opinions to yourself. This site is for selling and buying not for bitching to the world about your problems.

Kijiji Ad Dec 5/08

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Kijiji Ad Dec 2/08

By the looks of the kijiji Ad one little Pomeranian has been sold to some unsuspecting individual as they are now advertising only one !!!! Click here to view original Kijiji Ad

4 months old
//needled, dewormed. gaurentee given//tax not included in price !

If you have any information on the second POM sold, Please feel free to email --> all personal information will remain anonymous.
Thank you.

Toy Pomeranian Puppy
This hansome baby boy is looking for his forever loving family..
He is now 4 months old, needled, dewormed. gaurentee given..
Hehas a very nice personality,he enjoys being cuddled.
Already potty & crate trained..
tax not included in price !
( he looks like a little teedy bear )


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Awesome KiJiJi Ad!

Show Us Some Proof!!!!
Price: Please contact
Ad ID: 90773193 Visits: 131
Location: Halifax Date Listed: 27-Nov-08

If you advertise dogs on here and do not offer certification that your dog is healthy, with papers to prove it, it looks like your dog comes from a puppy mill or a broker who may have parvo in her unheated shed. All the registered and reputable breeders will give guarantees...why don't you?? Just because the ad has cute little ads with kisses from the puppies, doesn't mean people are stupid......So don't buy a dog without first making sure the puppy comes with a guarantee and a heath certificate. Check with the vet who issued the paper and make sure it matches the dog you are buying....What ever you do Never buy from a parking lot, flea market, or a lady who's name rhymes with Snail, Jail or Fail.

More emails sent to harrass Esther "winniepooh345"

Esther Smith *as seen on ctv news* has received numerous harassing emails from anonymous mailer. Which are clearly from this sick couple. --> click here for more harassing e-mail and CTV news link.

You've received the following reply to your "Want a good laugh " Ad on Kijiji:
you betta stop bitch b4 it is too late for you. we no it is you ester. fuck you

stop talking about me
From: Anonymous Remailer (austria) (
You may not know this sender.Mark as safe|Mark as unsafe
Sent: October 28, 2008 5:10:43 PM
im going to sue your ass clean you old bitch. you ruined my business and now its time forme to ruine your fucking life you old whore. im going to to come to your place and get you

From: Kijiji Reply (from (
Sent: October 30, 2008 9:19:20 AM
You've received the following reply to your "Please Read _Whos Nerve Am I Hitting" Ad on Kijiji:
you are the idiot.One you will end up buying a sick dog and finally your numb nuts will understand what the person is doing! a favor!!!!!

From: Borked Pseudo Mailed (
You may not know this sender.Mark as safe|Mark as unsafe
Sent: October 28, 2008 8:18:31 PM
You will be very sorry, you old whore

Friday, November 28, 2008

Nova Scotia's most infamous sellers of dogs

DogKisser has added a tidbit on the side of her blog about Gail & Dana. She has done a great job keeping track of these people for many yrs. You can read the full write up here. Great Job!!!!!

I would like to send out a BIG thank you Dogkisser for linking to Digby's Famous Puppy M(K)iller !!

"They are Nova Scotia's most infamous sellers of dogs alongside the road and out of the backs of cars - and the dogs they sell are notorious for being sick, diseased, and dying."

Protest Coverage by CTV Digby NS

Dozens gathered in Digby NS to participate in a protest against the Famous Digby Puppy M{K}iller
Gail Benoit & Dana Bailey Protest can be seen: HERE

Sandy & CC's story on CTV

Meet CC:

Sandy also bought a puppy from Gail Benoit, who later died. Sandy meet our famous Digby M{K}illers in a parking lot, when Sandy asked why the puppy's head was flopping side to side Gail claimed the puppy was given Gravel for the travel. Sandy paid 650$ for CC. CC was one of 6 sick puppies sold in NS by Gail Benoit. ........suspected killer PARVO!

Click here for the full CTV story

Meet King -->Another dead puppy

From September 18, 08

Yet another family who had been hurt by Gail Benoit & Dana Bailey;
As the news story states -the family's 13 yr old daughter found King on line. ... they paid 200$. With in 24 hrs King became sick. They took it to a vet who confirmed that he had the deadly PARVO virus! Here is their sad story.

Groups of Facebook

Thursday, November 27, 2008

An other Facebook Group

There seems to be alot of facebook groups in regards to Gail Benoit and Dana Bailey! This one seems to be a bit the most active right and up to date.

There is a HUGE public outcry to stop Gail Benoit and Dana Baileyr from selling any more sick dying dogs !!

Facebook Group w/ 840 members and growing.

One memeber points out-
"Let's hope this happens in this case:
Ontario judge bans woman from owning dogsOntario Justice of the Peace Angela Renaud has ordered a lifetime dog ownership ban for a 20-year-old Windsor, Ont. woman. Armstrong is accused of failing to treat her pets in a humane manner and provide basic necessities after two dogs were found starved to death during an investigation by the Ontario SPCA.Amanda Armstrong received a $1,000 fine and was ordered the lifetime ban after pleading guilty to two counts of animal cruelty. Armstrong, who is being prosecuted under the provincial Dog Owners’ Liability Act, is the first to receive a sentence of this kind.The Windsor Essex County Humane Society issued a summons to Armstrong’s home earlier this year after discovering seven dogs living in deplorable conditions"

Puppy killers Gail & Dana claim

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

More Dana Bailey & Gail Benoit Ads on KIJIJI

Click here to view.
Screen Shot here:

Animal Cruelty Legislation Bill C-50

Read more on Bill C-50. --> Animal Cruelty Legislation

OverviewAcross Canada, provincial legislation protects animals from cruelty. These laws usually fall under the auspices of local humane societies. At the national level, animals are protected from cruelty under Sections 444-447 of the Criminal Code. However critics have argued that the law which hasn't been updated in over a century, does little to protect animals from abuse and cruelty. The punishment for those who are convicted under the Code range from a maximun of 6 months imprisonment, a maximun of $2,000 and a prohibition of owning an animal for a maximum of two years.

Under the proposed legislation, punishment for those who are convicted of abusing animals would include: Imprisonment for up to 5 years. Be prohibited from owning an animal for 5 years. A fine of up to $10,000 or imprisonment for up to 18 months or both. In addition, the courts could order the convict to pay for the cost associated with the animal's loss or injury.

Esther Smith responds to Dana Bailey

November 26, 2008
Dear Mr. Dana Bailey & Ms. Gail Benoit:

First of all, thank you for your response. Before I get started on this letter I want to make it very clear that the phone call you placed to my home on Saturday, November 22 2008 was very inappropriate and was exposing me to language and tone that I am not accustom to hearing. It was very unprofessional and extremely uncalled for. Therefore this is a formal request to NOT contact me via telephone again.

You expressed in your response that you feel I have been paid up for the premature death of my puppy I purchased from you. I feel that you as a business owner should stand behind whatever product you carry / sell as any other business should. I was not aware of any involvement you had with Chapman Kennels, whom you purchased the puppy from. I was not aware of the birthplace of any of these puppies, nor the medical conditions they had (parvo), or age of these puppies.

After you received the funds for the puppy, you quickly disappeared. I later discovered the vet records you provided did not match the puppy you sold me. The records stated that the puppy was 9 weeks old. After the death of the puppy I was informed by a vet and Chapman Kennels that the puppy was only 4 weeks old and still needed her mother.

I have in no way done any damage to your business. I feel you have done this damage yourself and I will not be held responsible for your misfortunes. I have told my case numerous times to people and media and continue to do so. I have only provided facts which I know are true, and can prove.

I do not accept your response, and regret to inform you that I still am formally requesting a full refund of $500.00 to be issued ASAP.

Happy Holidays,
Esther Smith.

A letter from Dana Bailey In Response to a Complaint filed at the Better Business Bureau

Here is a copy of the letter sent by Dana Bailey in respond to the complaint file with NS's BBB regarding the sale of a sick puppy, who died shortly after in Esthers arms.

As the blog points out here :

That lawsuit was dismissed. So the question is what court date they are referring to in February, if the judge had already tossed it??? dated "Friday, October 10th, 2008 at 12:53" "A lawsuit, filed by a pair of Nova Scotia puppy-sellers against a Kilburn dog kennel after the majority of 27 puppies they bought from the kennel died shortly after purchase, has been dismissed. Gail Benoit and Dana Bailey, who operate Puppies R Us out of Digby County, Nova Scotia, sued Chapman Kennels for $6,000, alleging that Harry and Esther (Noemi) Chapman negligently sold them 27 puppies of various breeds, of which all but five died almost immediately. "

Another point I would like to make is that in this letter, Dana states "Esther Smith has been harrassing me and my family as well as she is ruining my business." From the evidence provided yesterday here - Gail was emailing Esther via and threatening Esther : here is just a sample of the crude msgs -

"email sent anonymously from You may not know this sender.Mark as safeMark as unsafe Sent: November 25, 2008 12:33:02 PM To: winniepooh345@hotmail.comYou better shut your fucking mouth before i smack you up aside the head bitch. you call ctv about my busines again you will be in big shit . sued ... you tell anyone about my dogds and friends dogs your in trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck u curella"

The Halifax NS Herald - May 16, 2001

So there is a history abuse in the media : this is what a google seach provided:

This is Google's cache of It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on 9 Nov 2008 16:08:44

Gail and Dana have a history
Price: Free

Location: Halifax Date Listed: 09-Nov-08
Gail Benoit and Dana Bailey of Marshalltown, near Digby, have been charged under the provincial Animal Cruelty Act when three dogs were removed from their backyard on Nov 23 2000. The three dogs were hypothermic and emaciated.Dr Neil Pothier was the veterinarian who accompanied SPCA investigator Bill Hilden to the home to examine the three dogs. The first dog he examined was an adult female pit bull type of dog. She had lost most of her muscle mass, was emaciated and on the verge of starving. There was not any food and the water in a bucket had frozen solid. The dog's tether was wrapped around a bush or tree so the dog cold not reach the doghouse for shelter.The dog's temperature was 37.4 degrees. Normal range is 38.5 to 39.5. "Any below that (38.5) is hypothermic." The dog was shivering, had pale mucous membranes which meant blood circulation has been impaired. In the vet's opinion, the adult dog might have lasted another day or two.The dog had fleas but no worms. Blood work indicated the dog was normal without any major organ diseases. The dog was very hungry. "It was ravenous. It dove into the food."The adult dog weighed 37.2 pounds, it should have weighted about 50 pounds. In a foster home the dog now weighs about 50 pounds.The pups were in a small enclosure with a doghouse. The smaller of the two puppies was quiet, had fleas and biting lice. It was also hypothermic, shivering and had a distended abdomen, appeared it might have worms.The second pup seemed stronger but also had worms. When the two pups were wormed at the animal hospital, their cages began to fill up rapidly with worms, hundreds of which were expelled.The two women had a bright, colored sign by their home on Highway 101 advertising pups for sale. Benoit and Bailey were told not to sell dogs while this matter is before the court.
Reference The Halifax NS Herald - May 16, 2001

Screen shot:

Their testimony November 3rd/08

Gail/Dana testified that they are on disability and living off the proceeds of CPP - yet they also testified that they have sold more than THIRTY THOUSAND PUPPIES in the 16 years they've been in the business of selling puppies. If you do the math of that 30,000 x a very modest $350 per puppy = $10,500,000.00(that is ten million, five hundred thousand dollars, people...) divided by 16 years = $656,250.00 per year for the last 16 years. (They are telling us that they have sold 1,875 puppies per year for the last 16 years - that's 156 puppies per months or 39 puppies a week).

Any one know if the law suit again the NS SPCA for 1/2 million is still proceeding?

Her kijiji rant can be seen here in full:

" the whole thing was a set up for the SPCA, and Donna admitted to setting me up in court, so the SPCA does not have to pay me my 1/2 million$ now she is going to be charged by the police."

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Found on Kijiji

RE: Shepard/Pit mix and Pit puppies from Digby
Price: Please contact
Ad ID: 90285972 Visits: 25
Address: Digby, NS, B0V 1A0 View map Location: Halifax Date Listed: 25-Nov-08
First off, I am in no way associated with Dana or Gail, and they have DEFINATELY not purchased dogs from us at any point in time, nor rescued.
I was helping find these puppies homes for my 75 year old sick Grandmother and my 7 month pregnant cousin in-law. These puppies we're not intentionally bread as far as I know, and if they we're I was not even in the country at that point.
I ADORE animals. My family have always had at least one dog, if not more. Our dogs are treated as part of the family, they live inside, not on the end of chains and always have access to food, clean water and plenty of love and attention. I would never intentionally hurt ANY animal.
To those people who purchased a dog from my cousin who is a minor, im sorry but you will need to contact her or her parents to receive a refund. To anyone I dealt with on this website, you can respond to this ad if you have not already got in contact with me and I will work on getting you a refund. I have contacted most, but I need to get ahold of a couple more.
I understand parvovirus is a very serious, deadly disease and if I had of known what this disease was or any of it's symptoms I would NEVER have sold those dogs for my Grandmother or cousin, and I definately would not have alloud a dog with such a deadly virus around my beloved dogs, or in my home. Those dogs looked healthy to me, but I am not a vet, I have no training as any sort of animal handeler and I never claimed to. I put on the ad that I placed that the pups we're NOT vet checked and did not have any sort of needles and we're not registered. We did give the dogs worm medicine, twice, because we knew they had worms, but I told every single person I dealt with that they did. If people are going to point fingers and blame me of intentionally selling sick puppies, I should point out that you knowingly bought puppies who were not checked by a vet and did not have needles. You must assume some responcibitity.
While those pups were on my property they were well taken care of, I fed them everyday, let them out for exercize for at least a couple hours a day, and they always had access to clean water and the outside in which to releive them self.
If anyone wants to beleive Gail or Dana, that is your business, but aside from my cousin, there is no connection between MYSELF and those people. I would not allow them anywhere near my dogs or any dogs in my posession. I also find that they are horrible people for doing this knowingly and repeditly for so long. However to be lumped in the same catagory for trying to help someone out and find loving homes for these pups, ONE TIME, is not right. I understand the hurt this has caused people and i'm so, so very sorry. I can only promice that I will no longer sell any pups for anyone, or house anyone elses pups at my residence regardless of who it is. THIS WAS A GRAVE MISTAKE. But I am not a criminal or this horrible person that people are making me/us out to be. Let's just hope any of you people never make a mistake and have people lash out on you like some people have at us, because it's not a very nice feeling, and makes living in what I thought a small close knit community, not so nice and not so close knit. Maybe instead of saying hateful, hurtful things, use your energy for positive things like spreading the message on parvovirus and other puppy/dog related diseases, so both people who have pups to find homes for and people looking for pups are aware of what to look for and be aware of.
Thats all I have to say, thank you for reading this and have a good day.

Meet the Puppies

Here are a few of the puppies that have been on kijiji...... If anyone has more information or photos please feel free to email to