Kijiji Buyers BEWARE of Puppy SCAM!

Gail Benoit & Dana Bailey continue to sell puppies despite their previous convictions of Animal Cruelty and upcomming charges on numerous other animal cruelty charges. They are now operating out of Dartmouth/Halifax area & continue to post ads on Kijiji in hopes of generating new sales.

"There was no doubt the pair mistreated dogs."

"The distressed state of the puppies was not a sudden occurrence. It developed over time. Even if the appellants’ control of the puppies had been brief — a matter of days — there was ample time and opportunity to relieve their then obvious distress, or to begin doing so,"

Characterization lacked "any air of reality" - Justice Peter Bryson Source

Monday, December 8, 2008

Kijiji "Gail just called" Ad ID: 92751096

A phone call, and according to Gail B:

Just reporting what I was told....

I just received a phone call, and according to Gail B:

-She never lied about her name, that was apparently a misunderstanding (though she NEVER told me what her name was)
- She's 100% innocent and Chapman Kennels is to blame for everything
- She is keeping a record of everyone who posts an ad about her on Kijiji and "when the truth comes out" (and she gets her half a million dollars from the lawsuit she has ongoing) everyone who posts about her will be sued in a civil lawsuit
- There are no charges against her and no puppy that has ever been in her care has died, only the ones from Chapman Kennels in Perth-Andover
- She is tired of reading all these lies about her on the internet

Well, as far as I'm concerned, the whole story is public record, and you can read about it all over the internet in valid news stories. I'm not saying that I know what the truth is, all I can do is read what has been posted everywhere and judge by that. I need to be careful with my money, (as we all do) and careful with the lives of innocent puppies. Regardless of who is selling dogs, I don't want to buy a sick puppy from ANYONE. All we can do is be careful and I think that the intention of anyone who posts a warning ad on Kijiji is just to tell people to be cautious and smart about their transactions.

Basically her message to me on the phone was, the truth will come out and all of us will be sorry. As I told her - I hope that the truth DOES come out.

Anyway, to anyone posting ads about her, be careful.

And no matter WHO you buy a dog from, do your research.
Report ANY shady dealings to your local police dept. When there are enough warnings about someone, they will be able to do something about it and stop that person, whoever it is.


Anonymous said...

I don't know how to warn people, maybe you can please. Gail Benoit has an ad on kijiji now, I just spoke to her on the phone, the link to the ad is-

her email address is-

her phone # is- 902-247-9312

Anonymous said...

I left the comment with the info about Gail, can you post the info on your main page please???