Kijiji Buyers BEWARE of Puppy SCAM!

Gail Benoit & Dana Bailey continue to sell puppies despite their previous convictions of Animal Cruelty and upcomming charges on numerous other animal cruelty charges. They are now operating out of Dartmouth/Halifax area & continue to post ads on Kijiji in hopes of generating new sales.

"There was no doubt the pair mistreated dogs."

"The distressed state of the puppies was not a sudden occurrence. It developed over time. Even if the appellants’ control of the puppies had been brief — a matter of days — there was ample time and opportunity to relieve their then obvious distress, or to begin doing so,"

Characterization lacked "any air of reality" - Justice Peter Bryson Source

Thursday, November 25, 2010

"Having dogs down in the basement is just like havng money in the bank" - Gail Benoit

Update from Facebook Group "Ban GAIL BENOIT from ever owning ANY Animal PERIOD!"

Hello Group Members:

First of all, thank you for your ongoing support to potentially BAN Gail Benoit & Dana Bailey from ever owning animals and operating their questionable business “Puppies R Us”. Together, we have been able to win many tasks so far; including the public education and awareness this group has created. Each and every member should be proud to know that we are getting closer to the date where these two will and shall be held accountable for their actions.

There have been a lot of requests for updated information. Well, honestly there is not much to share; except that Gail Benoit & Dana Bailey will appear before the judge on December 9th, 2010 to set a date for their much anticipated trial.

This group and its administrators have been in contact with a few people lately; including a young gentleman by the name of MARCUS SMALL who shared his experiences with us. The administrators of this group received a facebook message from MARCUS SMALL on October 7th, 2010 stating the following:
“i used to live with their daughters and they stayed with them for a while in halifax... they had 4-5 dogs at any given time... no matter what the judge says they are still going to do it... gail said to me one day "having dogs down in the basement is just like havng money in the bank" their sick people !!! “

Messages like the above validate, and confirm that these “dirty deeds” are not about to stop anytime soon; until an official prohibition order has been issued by the judge.

Members of this group have been successful in the removal of MANY kijiji ads which have been placed over the past 3 years; without the dedication of active members; this would NOT have been possible.

It is very important for those who have been victimized by these people OR their accomplices to report it to your local police department. Without the ongoing cooperation of the members of this group along with the general public; including victims this sadly may never stop.

I wish each and every member and their furry friends a very Merry Christmas, and look forward to working with EVERYONE to finally see and end to this ongoing trend of sadness, madness and greed.

Thank you for continuing to be dedicated to the cause – together we WILL win this war of cruelty,


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Protest Update

Hi Everyone,

I regret to inform you that the protest, to be held this Saturday in Halifax has been postponed. The protest has been rescheduled for May 15th, 1pm-3pm. (3 days before Gail & Dana’s trial starts) for all the “dead pups” from nearly 2 years ago.

This protest will be held by the intersection in downtown Halifax ( by the “Hill” ). This will allow us to handout factual information to the general public, not only educating people on Gail & Dana but the “right way” to plan and purchase a puppy / or animal in general.

The decision was made to change the date for numerous reasons. One of the main reasons is due to the ongoing protests in HRM regarding the G8 Summit. There have been some complications there, and I would not want to entertain any sort of demonstration where we could either be joined by unwanted people (protesting other non related causes.) Esther Smith is also having heart surgery the day prior, and I would like to see her be able to attend this event. Last of all the weather does not appear to be promising.

Hopefully this date is more flexible for those who could not attend the May 1st date.

See You There!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Today I shed a tear

knowing of just what she's done.
How she denies these puppies health care
and sells them too premature
I cried a bunch after hearing of the deaths of many pups
when will there be justice for those without a voice
when will they finally stop her & put her in her place
I hope these pups come back to haunt, though she deserve a swift kick in the ass
slapping her on her wrist we've seen just isn't going to do the trick
she's only interested in the money and could care less about the pups
I hope and pray she gets whats coming to her soon
because if i hear of another pup's death
I'll lose it and be thrown in jail for what i'll do!
~ David Hipson ~

AVR 97.7 Esther Smith Interview

Esther Smith - speaks to Brian Mumford from AVR 97.7 about the death of her puppy, and the many more than have been sold by Gail Benoit and Dana Bailey.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Appealing an Appeal

A media collection of the story of Gail Benoit & Dana Bailey - Digby's Famous Puppy Brokers

Gail Benoit is HEARTLESS !

"I got one thing to tell my dear; my puppies, I will forever sell puppies" - Gail Benoit


CTV News - April 19 2010

Customers of Gail Benoit and Dana Bailey are on CTV News in Halifax Nova Scotia on April 19, 2010 after the puppies they bought are too young to be bought, unhealthy, full of worms, and not the breed they were represented as being.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Madness Continues..

Gail Benoit & Dana Bailey continue to sell puppies despite their previous convictions of Animal Cruelty and upcomming charges on numerous other animal cruelty charges.

They are now operating out of Dartmouth and continue to post ads on Kijiji in hopes of generating new sales. The reason for the protest is to keep the general public reminded that Gail & Dana as well as other cruelty operations do exist and continue to exist in Nova Scotia.

All is welcome to stand together on this cause.

PROTEST Date: Saturday, May 1, 2010
Time: 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Location: Halifax - Exact location to be announced soon !

Come out, bring a sign, a coffee even your well mannered, leashed furry friend.

***CONFIRMED THAT GAIL BENOIT SOLD THIS DOG****Vet has confirmed that puppy was sold WAY TO PREMATURE, and is NOT the breed as listed.

Hi I am writing to tell people that i bought a puppy off kijiji listed as malimute/husky. For one this dog does not look like these breeds and for another she was way too premature when i got her. We have had her for two weeks now and the vet said she doesnt even look 8 weeks old. After posting an ad on kijiji to fi...nd what breed she may be i got a phone call to just realized i was ripped off by Gail Benoit. I have spoken to some of the other people who also received dogs from this litter and have told them all about what has happened. I love my puppy and she is healthy, but I just want people to know that this lady is still at it.

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Animal abusers await decision on appeal

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The Appeal was dismissed Docket: Dig No. 310791

Source CBC

Digby Court Pretrial : May 18th 2010 --> trial is set for Oct 19-26 2010

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