Kijiji Buyers BEWARE of Puppy SCAM!

Gail Benoit & Dana Bailey continue to sell puppies despite their previous convictions of Animal Cruelty and upcomming charges on numerous other animal cruelty charges. They are now operating out of Dartmouth/Halifax area & continue to post ads on Kijiji in hopes of generating new sales.

"There was no doubt the pair mistreated dogs."

"The distressed state of the puppies was not a sudden occurrence. It developed over time. Even if the appellants’ control of the puppies had been brief — a matter of days — there was ample time and opportunity to relieve their then obvious distress, or to begin doing so,"

Characterization lacked "any air of reality" - Justice Peter Bryson Source

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Awesome KiJiJi Ad!

Show Us Some Proof!!!!
Price: Please contact
Ad ID: 90773193 Visits: 131
Location: Halifax Date Listed: 27-Nov-08

If you advertise dogs on here and do not offer certification that your dog is healthy, with papers to prove it, it looks like your dog comes from a puppy mill or a broker who may have parvo in her unheated shed. All the registered and reputable breeders will give guarantees...why don't you?? Just because the ad has cute little ads with kisses from the puppies, doesn't mean people are stupid......So don't buy a dog without first making sure the puppy comes with a guarantee and a heath certificate. Check with the vet who issued the paper and make sure it matches the dog you are buying....What ever you do Never buy from a parking lot, flea market, or a lady who's name rhymes with Snail, Jail or Fail.

More emails sent to harrass Esther "winniepooh345"

Esther Smith *as seen on ctv news* has received numerous harassing emails from anonymous mailer. Which are clearly from this sick couple. --> click here for more harassing e-mail and CTV news link.

You've received the following reply to your "Want a good laugh " Ad on Kijiji:
you betta stop bitch b4 it is too late for you. we no it is you ester. fuck you

stop talking about me
From: Anonymous Remailer (austria) (
You may not know this sender.Mark as safe|Mark as unsafe
Sent: October 28, 2008 5:10:43 PM
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From: Kijiji Reply (from (
Sent: October 30, 2008 9:19:20 AM
You've received the following reply to your "Please Read _Whos Nerve Am I Hitting" Ad on Kijiji:
you are the idiot.One you will end up buying a sick dog and finally your numb nuts will understand what the person is doing! a favor!!!!!

From: Borked Pseudo Mailed (
You may not know this sender.Mark as safe|Mark as unsafe
Sent: October 28, 2008 8:18:31 PM
You will be very sorry, you old whore

Friday, November 28, 2008

Nova Scotia's most infamous sellers of dogs

DogKisser has added a tidbit on the side of her blog about Gail & Dana. She has done a great job keeping track of these people for many yrs. You can read the full write up here. Great Job!!!!!

I would like to send out a BIG thank you Dogkisser for linking to Digby's Famous Puppy M(K)iller !!

"They are Nova Scotia's most infamous sellers of dogs alongside the road and out of the backs of cars - and the dogs they sell are notorious for being sick, diseased, and dying."

Protest Coverage by CTV Digby NS

Dozens gathered in Digby NS to participate in a protest against the Famous Digby Puppy M{K}iller
Gail Benoit & Dana Bailey Protest can be seen: HERE

Sandy & CC's story on CTV

Meet CC:

Sandy also bought a puppy from Gail Benoit, who later died. Sandy meet our famous Digby M{K}illers in a parking lot, when Sandy asked why the puppy's head was flopping side to side Gail claimed the puppy was given Gravel for the travel. Sandy paid 650$ for CC. CC was one of 6 sick puppies sold in NS by Gail Benoit. ........suspected killer PARVO!

Click here for the full CTV story

Meet King -->Another dead puppy

From September 18, 08

Yet another family who had been hurt by Gail Benoit & Dana Bailey;
As the news story states -the family's 13 yr old daughter found King on line. ... they paid 200$. With in 24 hrs King became sick. They took it to a vet who confirmed that he had the deadly PARVO virus! Here is their sad story.

Groups of Facebook

Thursday, November 27, 2008

An other Facebook Group

There seems to be alot of facebook groups in regards to Gail Benoit and Dana Bailey! This one seems to be a bit the most active right and up to date.

There is a HUGE public outcry to stop Gail Benoit and Dana Baileyr from selling any more sick dying dogs !!

Facebook Group w/ 840 members and growing.

One memeber points out-
"Let's hope this happens in this case:
Ontario judge bans woman from owning dogsOntario Justice of the Peace Angela Renaud has ordered a lifetime dog ownership ban for a 20-year-old Windsor, Ont. woman. Armstrong is accused of failing to treat her pets in a humane manner and provide basic necessities after two dogs were found starved to death during an investigation by the Ontario SPCA.Amanda Armstrong received a $1,000 fine and was ordered the lifetime ban after pleading guilty to two counts of animal cruelty. Armstrong, who is being prosecuted under the provincial Dog Owners’ Liability Act, is the first to receive a sentence of this kind.The Windsor Essex County Humane Society issued a summons to Armstrong’s home earlier this year after discovering seven dogs living in deplorable conditions"

Puppy killers Gail & Dana claim

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

More Dana Bailey & Gail Benoit Ads on KIJIJI

Click here to view.
Screen Shot here:

Animal Cruelty Legislation Bill C-50

Read more on Bill C-50. --> Animal Cruelty Legislation

OverviewAcross Canada, provincial legislation protects animals from cruelty. These laws usually fall under the auspices of local humane societies. At the national level, animals are protected from cruelty under Sections 444-447 of the Criminal Code. However critics have argued that the law which hasn't been updated in over a century, does little to protect animals from abuse and cruelty. The punishment for those who are convicted under the Code range from a maximun of 6 months imprisonment, a maximun of $2,000 and a prohibition of owning an animal for a maximum of two years.

Under the proposed legislation, punishment for those who are convicted of abusing animals would include: Imprisonment for up to 5 years. Be prohibited from owning an animal for 5 years. A fine of up to $10,000 or imprisonment for up to 18 months or both. In addition, the courts could order the convict to pay for the cost associated with the animal's loss or injury.

Esther Smith responds to Dana Bailey

November 26, 2008
Dear Mr. Dana Bailey & Ms. Gail Benoit:

First of all, thank you for your response. Before I get started on this letter I want to make it very clear that the phone call you placed to my home on Saturday, November 22 2008 was very inappropriate and was exposing me to language and tone that I am not accustom to hearing. It was very unprofessional and extremely uncalled for. Therefore this is a formal request to NOT contact me via telephone again.

You expressed in your response that you feel I have been paid up for the premature death of my puppy I purchased from you. I feel that you as a business owner should stand behind whatever product you carry / sell as any other business should. I was not aware of any involvement you had with Chapman Kennels, whom you purchased the puppy from. I was not aware of the birthplace of any of these puppies, nor the medical conditions they had (parvo), or age of these puppies.

After you received the funds for the puppy, you quickly disappeared. I later discovered the vet records you provided did not match the puppy you sold me. The records stated that the puppy was 9 weeks old. After the death of the puppy I was informed by a vet and Chapman Kennels that the puppy was only 4 weeks old and still needed her mother.

I have in no way done any damage to your business. I feel you have done this damage yourself and I will not be held responsible for your misfortunes. I have told my case numerous times to people and media and continue to do so. I have only provided facts which I know are true, and can prove.

I do not accept your response, and regret to inform you that I still am formally requesting a full refund of $500.00 to be issued ASAP.

Happy Holidays,
Esther Smith.

A letter from Dana Bailey In Response to a Complaint filed at the Better Business Bureau

Here is a copy of the letter sent by Dana Bailey in respond to the complaint file with NS's BBB regarding the sale of a sick puppy, who died shortly after in Esthers arms.

As the blog points out here :

That lawsuit was dismissed. So the question is what court date they are referring to in February, if the judge had already tossed it??? dated "Friday, October 10th, 2008 at 12:53" "A lawsuit, filed by a pair of Nova Scotia puppy-sellers against a Kilburn dog kennel after the majority of 27 puppies they bought from the kennel died shortly after purchase, has been dismissed. Gail Benoit and Dana Bailey, who operate Puppies R Us out of Digby County, Nova Scotia, sued Chapman Kennels for $6,000, alleging that Harry and Esther (Noemi) Chapman negligently sold them 27 puppies of various breeds, of which all but five died almost immediately. "

Another point I would like to make is that in this letter, Dana states "Esther Smith has been harrassing me and my family as well as she is ruining my business." From the evidence provided yesterday here - Gail was emailing Esther via and threatening Esther : here is just a sample of the crude msgs -

"email sent anonymously from You may not know this sender.Mark as safeMark as unsafe Sent: November 25, 2008 12:33:02 PM To: winniepooh345@hotmail.comYou better shut your fucking mouth before i smack you up aside the head bitch. you call ctv about my busines again you will be in big shit . sued ... you tell anyone about my dogds and friends dogs your in trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck u curella"

The Halifax NS Herald - May 16, 2001

So there is a history abuse in the media : this is what a google seach provided:

This is Google's cache of It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on 9 Nov 2008 16:08:44

Gail and Dana have a history
Price: Free

Location: Halifax Date Listed: 09-Nov-08
Gail Benoit and Dana Bailey of Marshalltown, near Digby, have been charged under the provincial Animal Cruelty Act when three dogs were removed from their backyard on Nov 23 2000. The three dogs were hypothermic and emaciated.Dr Neil Pothier was the veterinarian who accompanied SPCA investigator Bill Hilden to the home to examine the three dogs. The first dog he examined was an adult female pit bull type of dog. She had lost most of her muscle mass, was emaciated and on the verge of starving. There was not any food and the water in a bucket had frozen solid. The dog's tether was wrapped around a bush or tree so the dog cold not reach the doghouse for shelter.The dog's temperature was 37.4 degrees. Normal range is 38.5 to 39.5. "Any below that (38.5) is hypothermic." The dog was shivering, had pale mucous membranes which meant blood circulation has been impaired. In the vet's opinion, the adult dog might have lasted another day or two.The dog had fleas but no worms. Blood work indicated the dog was normal without any major organ diseases. The dog was very hungry. "It was ravenous. It dove into the food."The adult dog weighed 37.2 pounds, it should have weighted about 50 pounds. In a foster home the dog now weighs about 50 pounds.The pups were in a small enclosure with a doghouse. The smaller of the two puppies was quiet, had fleas and biting lice. It was also hypothermic, shivering and had a distended abdomen, appeared it might have worms.The second pup seemed stronger but also had worms. When the two pups were wormed at the animal hospital, their cages began to fill up rapidly with worms, hundreds of which were expelled.The two women had a bright, colored sign by their home on Highway 101 advertising pups for sale. Benoit and Bailey were told not to sell dogs while this matter is before the court.
Reference The Halifax NS Herald - May 16, 2001

Screen shot:

Their testimony November 3rd/08

Gail/Dana testified that they are on disability and living off the proceeds of CPP - yet they also testified that they have sold more than THIRTY THOUSAND PUPPIES in the 16 years they've been in the business of selling puppies. If you do the math of that 30,000 x a very modest $350 per puppy = $10,500,000.00(that is ten million, five hundred thousand dollars, people...) divided by 16 years = $656,250.00 per year for the last 16 years. (They are telling us that they have sold 1,875 puppies per year for the last 16 years - that's 156 puppies per months or 39 puppies a week).

Any one know if the law suit again the NS SPCA for 1/2 million is still proceeding?

Her kijiji rant can be seen here in full:

" the whole thing was a set up for the SPCA, and Donna admitted to setting me up in court, so the SPCA does not have to pay me my 1/2 million$ now she is going to be charged by the police."

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Found on Kijiji

RE: Shepard/Pit mix and Pit puppies from Digby
Price: Please contact
Ad ID: 90285972 Visits: 25
Address: Digby, NS, B0V 1A0 View map Location: Halifax Date Listed: 25-Nov-08
First off, I am in no way associated with Dana or Gail, and they have DEFINATELY not purchased dogs from us at any point in time, nor rescued.
I was helping find these puppies homes for my 75 year old sick Grandmother and my 7 month pregnant cousin in-law. These puppies we're not intentionally bread as far as I know, and if they we're I was not even in the country at that point.
I ADORE animals. My family have always had at least one dog, if not more. Our dogs are treated as part of the family, they live inside, not on the end of chains and always have access to food, clean water and plenty of love and attention. I would never intentionally hurt ANY animal.
To those people who purchased a dog from my cousin who is a minor, im sorry but you will need to contact her or her parents to receive a refund. To anyone I dealt with on this website, you can respond to this ad if you have not already got in contact with me and I will work on getting you a refund. I have contacted most, but I need to get ahold of a couple more.
I understand parvovirus is a very serious, deadly disease and if I had of known what this disease was or any of it's symptoms I would NEVER have sold those dogs for my Grandmother or cousin, and I definately would not have alloud a dog with such a deadly virus around my beloved dogs, or in my home. Those dogs looked healthy to me, but I am not a vet, I have no training as any sort of animal handeler and I never claimed to. I put on the ad that I placed that the pups we're NOT vet checked and did not have any sort of needles and we're not registered. We did give the dogs worm medicine, twice, because we knew they had worms, but I told every single person I dealt with that they did. If people are going to point fingers and blame me of intentionally selling sick puppies, I should point out that you knowingly bought puppies who were not checked by a vet and did not have needles. You must assume some responcibitity.
While those pups were on my property they were well taken care of, I fed them everyday, let them out for exercize for at least a couple hours a day, and they always had access to clean water and the outside in which to releive them self.
If anyone wants to beleive Gail or Dana, that is your business, but aside from my cousin, there is no connection between MYSELF and those people. I would not allow them anywhere near my dogs or any dogs in my posession. I also find that they are horrible people for doing this knowingly and repeditly for so long. However to be lumped in the same catagory for trying to help someone out and find loving homes for these pups, ONE TIME, is not right. I understand the hurt this has caused people and i'm so, so very sorry. I can only promice that I will no longer sell any pups for anyone, or house anyone elses pups at my residence regardless of who it is. THIS WAS A GRAVE MISTAKE. But I am not a criminal or this horrible person that people are making me/us out to be. Let's just hope any of you people never make a mistake and have people lash out on you like some people have at us, because it's not a very nice feeling, and makes living in what I thought a small close knit community, not so nice and not so close knit. Maybe instead of saying hateful, hurtful things, use your energy for positive things like spreading the message on parvovirus and other puppy/dog related diseases, so both people who have pups to find homes for and people looking for pups are aware of what to look for and be aware of.
Thats all I have to say, thank you for reading this and have a good day.

Meet the Puppies

Here are a few of the puppies that have been on kijiji...... If anyone has more information or photos please feel free to email to

Update on Gail Benoit & Dana Bailey

Please be aware that the mini van has been traded 2 Grand Pre - 1 white and 2nd one -red :

Gail gave the world the invite "after its all said and done" to her home to see where she keeps the puppys. It came out in court the puppies are not kept in the house, but in the dark cold shed.

Facebook Group #3

1,736 members -- > update: group has been on and off... for whatever reasons all members have been deleted.

Facebook Group #2

Gail threatens Esther VIA anonymous To:

So this is a small taste of how Gail and Dana's 'Puppys R US' conducts business........

Esther was one of the unlucky ones who puppy passed after buying from "Cruella". Esther went on CTV news with her story-you can watch it here-

Even though Gail posted her threats from '' she was dumb enough to threaten Esther if she was ever to go to the news again & then even dumber to sign it "curella " !!! Which has been an inside joke with her and the facebook groups.


email sent anonymously from You may not know this sender.Mark as safeMark as unsafe Sent: November 25, 2008 12:33:02 PM To:

You better shut your fucking mouth before i smack you up aside the head bitch. you call ctv about my busines again you will be in big shit . sued ... you tell anyone about my dogds and friends dogs your in trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck u curella

another email from curella email sent anonymously from You may not know this sender.Mark as safeMark as unsafe Sent: November 25, 2008 12:47:01 PM To:

that is right bitch put it on your fucking wall slut.

anonymously from You may not know this sender.Mark as safeMark as unsafe Sent: November 25, 2008 12:50:17 PM To:

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and another threatemail sent anonymously from You may not know this sender.Mark as safeMark as unsafe Sent: November 25, 2008 12:52:39 PM To:

you need a good visit . then see if you can type ever again.

email sent anonymously from You may not know this sender.Mark as safeMark as unsafe Sent: November 25, 2008 12:55:11 PM To:

tell wk croft he is a liar basturd and needs to fuck off too

another threatemail sent anonymously from You may not know this sender.Mark as safeMark as unsafe Sent: November 25, 2008 12:57:34 PM To:

shall we have tea wednesday morning? I will bring u a big cup of parvo!!!!!!!!!

You Tube Videos on Gail Benoit & Dana Bailey

Dear Gail:

Gail Benoit @ trial again:

Gail Benoit & Dana Bailey Protest:

Gail Benoit Speaks:

Gail Benoit Sells 6 more puppies that die:

Gail Benoit sells more sick puppies:

Global News : Feb18.08

Gail Benoit Rap

Gail Benoit is Heartless:

Jan 13 2009 another dead dog

Gail Benoit Bad Boys:

** there have been many facebook groups for this casue; this is one on of the last active groups.

Funny how all news storys are no longer at the links? Alot of this information had to be pulled from google cache and other blogers who captured the stories.

Kijiji warnings about this couple go up and down as fast, their ads are still there. So beware!!

Puppies’ Brief Lifespan Triggers Investigation in Canada

August 5, 2008 : 10:34 AM
A case against buying a puppy out of the back of a van Animal shelters in the US, Canada and many other countries are overflowing with wonderful dogs waiting for their own forever home. Meanwhile, people will unknowingly purchase what they believe is a healthy, adorable puppy from the back of a van in a parking lot.One business in Nova Scotia, known as “Puppies R Us” is currently registered with the Nova Scotia Registry Joint Sock Companies. Dana Bailey owns the company and is the business partner of Gail Benoit. Ms. Benoit sells and then delivers puppies to the unsuspecting buyers. The way businesses like Puppies R Us operate is that puppies are advertised by the seller, boasting they will deliver the puppy to you in a mutually convenient location, which will most likely be a local parking lot. This offer to “deliver” gives the buyer the impression that they are receiving special treatment when it is actually a clever way for the seller to keep you from seeing their facilities.Unfortunately, selling puppies in the parking lot by advertising online or in the newspaper or in a pet shop is a legal in many areas and is often times a very lucrative business. Mrs. Esther Smith of Earltown, Colchester County, paid Gail Benoit $500 for a miniature dachshund puppy that died 10 hours after she picked it up in a Windsor parking lot. It was reported that Ms. Benoit purchased 27 puppies at $125 each from a puppy seller in New Brunswick who advertised the puppies on the internet. Six of the puppies died shortly after being purchased from Ms. Benoit. A seventh puppy treated by a veterinarian is expected to make a full recovery.An SPCA investigator in Nova Scotia is gathering information to determine if the puppies sold last week had been properly taken care of before they were purchased and then sold by Ms. Benoit. Two other businesses, Chapman Kennels in Kilburn, N.B., near Perth-Andover, and RCMP are being investigated in connection with this case.Ms. Benoit and her common law spouse are already facing animal cruelty charges after the SPCA seized puppies from their home in Roxville, Digby County, Nova Scotia last October. For the full story click here:

*** comments****

October 28, 2008 at 6:02 PMposted by: dogkisser
There's a couple inaccuracies in the story - Gail Benoit bought 27 puppies from Chapman Kennels in Kilburn, New Brunswick - and all but 5 of them died - so 19 of the 27 puppies died of parvo.As well - the only ones being investigated in this case is Gail Benoit and Dana Bailey - and Chapman Kennels. The RCMP are not being investigated - they are the ones doing the investigating - they are the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.Chapman Kennels have since shut down - they had 425 dogs to get rid of - which they said they sold some, gave some away - and KILLED 175 of them!!! They killed 175 dogs - and this fact got no media coverage at all.I have a web page built to gather information about Gail Benoit at

Dog lover calls dead puppies bad business

DIGBY – A month ago, Esther Smith was checking the Kijiji website often, in search of a miniature dachshund. Now she searches the site for people who may be in the market for puppies–and fires off emails warning them about a Roxville couple, Gail Benoit and Dana Bailey.
Smith was one of six Maritimers whose puppies died days–or hours–after leaving the hands of Benoit. Smith said she had never heard of Benoit before July, and in spite of widespread publicity since about the puppies’ deaths, she is receiving emails from puppy lovers saying they hadn’t been following the news, and thanking her for her warnings.
Following a CTV News report about the death of Smith’s puppy, “Gail Benoit was in tears and accused me of ruining her business.” Smith says her intention is to ensure that no one else ever purchases a sick or dying puppy.
Smith paid $500 for the the miniature dachshund, exchanging money for the dog in the parking lot of a McDonald’s restaurant in Windsor. She quickly named the pup ‘Cinni’, and said she was told by Benoit that the pup was 10 weeks old.
However, its New Brunswick breeder, Naomi Chapman, says the puppy was born June 2 and therefore would not have been 10 weeks old until Aug. 11–had it lived. Chapman of Kilburn, N.B., says Benoit and Bailey bought 27 puppies from her in early July.
Nova Scotia’s SPCA has heard from seven people–in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and P.E.I.–who subsequently bought miniature dachshunds, Pomeranians and Yorkies from Benoit. Six of those puppies died shortly after their new owners took them home.
In an interview with CTV television, Bailey said that he and Benoit were also victims because 12 puppies died before they could sell them. The Roxville couple told Grant those puppies are buried on their property. In an interview with the Courier, Harry Chapman said his wife was selling all her animals and closing down her operation, which she established in 2003, after being charged by the SPCA with ‘failure to provide adequate care.’ Pet shops severed their ties with her when they got wind of that charge.
Chapman defended his wife’s business ethics. He said her animals were well provided for and she had four full time people and two part-time employees caring for 200 breeding females and their puppies. Chapman said that when Benoit and Bailey came to their operation, his wife told them the puppies they wanted were too young to leave their mothers. In fact, ‘Cinni’—the miniature dachshund sold to Smith—was just four weeks old and still suckling.
Last October, the SPCA arrived at the couple’s Roxville property with a warrant and 10 puppies were seized and the couple was charged with animal cruelty. That charge is before the courts. While the SPCA is investigating the possibility of parvovirus causing the deaths of the most recent batch of Benoit puppies, inadequate nutrition combined with immature immune systems may have been contributing factors.
Digby veterinarian Dr. Neil Pothier said he recently treated a toy Pomeranian that had been sold by Benoit. It was suffering from hypoglycemia–a condition that can lead to death in young animals. Toy breeds are particularly susceptible to the hypoglycemia. Stress, low body temperature, poor nutrition, and sudden changes in feed, water and schedule patterns may trigger hypoglycemia in young pups. Pothier says pups should never be taken from their mothers before they are six weeks of age, and people should never buy animals in parking lots. – Digby Courier

Another Blog on Gail Benoit puppy sales ** click link to see photos.

Thursday, July 24, 2008
gail benoit = bad

One of my best pals bought two puppies from a breeder in Digby a week ago and both have died in the last two days of parvo.Called the breeder and the number is (obviously) disconnected and she can't track her down.Saw on BT this morning that the EXACT same story just happened to a couple in Truro who purchased two dogs from a breeder in Digby.Did some googlin' and found out this woman is pretty notorious for selling sick puppies.Anyways, she is located in Digby NS and apparently sells her puppies off KijijiMy friend and her family are all pretty sad. They had been looking for mini-papillions for awhile and were so thrilled when they found two. Ijust felt really sad/bad and wanted to add this lady's name here in case anyone comes across her and wants to throw eggs at her.

Kijiji Ads by Benoit

Puppy seller investigated in deaths

A Digby woman already facing animal cruelty charges is now being investigated by the SPCA for selling dying puppies.

Roger Joyce, chief provincial inspector with the SPCA in Nova Scotia, said Friday his agency, along with the RCMP and the SPCA in New Brunswick are investigating the sale of seven unhealthy puppies within the past two weeks.

He said four of the six dead puppies are being autopsied in Truro and a seventh is “hanging on” in a veterinary clinic in Prince Edward Island.

Four of the owners say they bought the puppies from a woman they now know as Gail Benoit, and who is already facing animal cruelty charges laid by the SPCA in Digby provincial court last year.

Ms. Benoit said Friday she was “roped in” by a puppy seller in New Brunswick where she purchased the dogs, and that she “had no indication” they were sick when she sold them.

“He had tons of dogs,” she said when reached briefly by cell phone Friday. “He had a good deal on the computer. I’ve got nothing else to say.”

Esther Smith of Earltown, Colchester County, said her husband and friend wanted to surprise her with a miniature dachshund which died 10 hours after she picked it up in a Windsor parking lot Wednesday morning.

“At first I was so sad. But now, I’m so angry,” Ms. Smith said Friday.

She said Ms. Benoit, driving in a van with the words Puppies R Us, handed her the dog wrapped in a curtain, saying she needed to be kept warm because she’d just had a bath. She paid $500 and the woman left.

“I was devastated when I opened the curtain. There was nothing to her. She was thin and too docile for a puppy.”

The animal lover cuddled the puppy she named Cinni Girl and fell in love during the three-hour drive home. Once home, the puppy wouldn’t eat and drank only a little water.

Ms. Smith called a veterinarian and made an appointment for Thursday, but the puppy died Wednesday evening.

Three other owners reached Friday described similar situations of making contact with Ms. Benoit online and arranging to meet in public parking lots to purchase Yorkshire terriers and Pomeranians for between $500 and $650. All described the puppies they received as being tiny, frail and lethargic. Most received paperwork, including veterinary reports stating the dogs had been examined.

Della Despres of Shediac, N.B., purchased her Yorkshire terrier for $550 last Saturday at 5:30 p.m. It died two days later.

Her husband, who picked the puppy up in a parking lot in Elmsdale, noticed it was lethargic but thought it was just car sick. It vomited a few times during the drive home. It wouldn’t eat and had diarrhea throughout the night.

“When I got up in the morning, she was going downhill, so I took her to the veterinarian and they put her on IV fluids.” That was Sunday and the dog died the next evening.

“It was so sad to see,” Ms. Despres said.

Sandy Reed of Lantz, Hants County, got her Pomeranian puppy in an Elmsdale parking lot for $650 last Monday.

Ms. Reed asked about the puppy’s condition, in particular that its head seemed to be flopping around. She said Ms. Benoit told her the dog was car sick and that she had to give it something for motion sickness.

“When we got home, it wouldn’t use the bathroom, it wouldn’t eat.” The dog died the next day.

“I’m really upset, I’m still upset,” said Ms. Reed who has shed more than a few tears this week. “I’m hurt.”

Another owner from Halifax, who did not want to be named, bought a Pomeranian for $500 at 3 p.m. July 18 in an Elmsdale parking lot. It was dead by 10 a.m. the next morning.

She had planned to take the dog to the veterinarian, and was holding it on her chest when it started convulsing, foaming at the mouth and shaking all over.

“Oh, the dear little thing.”

Mr. Joyce said the SPCA can’t comment much on the status of the investigation, but said the complaints are being taken very seriously.

Owners of the other two puppies live in Halifax and Yarmouth.

Ms. Benoit and her common-law spouse Dana Bailey are facing animal cruelty charges related to the SPCA seizing 10 pups over two days from their Roxville home last fall. That case is still before the courts.

Ms. Smith wants to hear from other people who have purchased sick and dying puppies. She can be reached by e-mail at

Buyer beware of these 2

Mug Shots:

Uncanny Resemblance

Certain puppy killers out of Digby on Kijiji

Kijiji discussion about the Benoit's


If you have bought a sick or dying puppy from Gail Benoit and Dana Bailey - you should contact the crown attorney in Digby, and the NS SPCA - as well Esther Smith - one of the people who bought a puppy who died, wants to hear from other's who have been taken in by the Benoits - you can email her at

Another post on Kijiji By Gail Benoit

* names have been edited for their privacy

Price: Free
Ad ID: 87057795
Visits: 35

Location: Saint John
Date Listed: 11-Nov-08


this is a very HATEFUL, JEALOUS, sick not to mention vandictive world...

The spca are very dirty people.. they will harass you, come to your home with an illegal search warrent bang you around
" the charges against me were dropped by the police "... why?

watch out for A Donna x, Angela x, and The jelous Tammy x... they are dead against anyone making money off of their animals
and not to mention the BAT MAN.
"the coward that chaces people with baseball bats". aleging we broke in his house and stole his dog, which did NOT happen!, and was never proven.
of all I will tell you this
I DO NOT do crack, where that came from I will soon know. I had MAJOR surgery

I have NEVER stole a dog in my life and GOD is my witness to that.
( I don't have to), thanks to puppies-r-us . i buy i sell and i deliver !

I have never been convicted of anything, and the whole thing was a set up for the SPCA, and Donna admitted to setting me up in court, so the SPCA does not have to pay me my 1/2 million$ now she is going to be charged by the police.

there are tons of threatning phone calls and emails coming into my home, my children are AFRAID! (all over a worm that was in a puppy that was not even mine)

as for July's puppys that passed away, i feel bad aswell but the news would never put that on everything i told them i will give the people that bought a puppy in July their money back (except one person)pooh bear. and you know who you are youve done as much damage as Donna, Tammy, Sean, Wendy, Bridget,

these were puppies that i purchased from N.B and charges against him are pending.

for all of you that i have sold a dog to you know the facts ! ,I could have filled the streets of digby with happy customers that bought puppies from me

you can't take a handfull of dogs that belonged to someone else and deam someone else to be so cruel I have sold alot of dogs and barely had any complaints. my supliers are not puppy mill people ! they are average back yard breeders

I wonder why the protest against me had only 10 people if there's so many people that are not happy with me.

for all of you BACK YARD BREEDERS!

" WATCH OUT " , theese people are Haters! they will grab all your personal information and make a threatning group against you.

The SPCA is crooked, but we know that now. From hearing about CELTIC PETS !. if you would like to know more feel free to email me at

thanks for taking the time to read this :)

From Pootz Rant!366792FD443F9DF3!3773.entry

Gail Benoit ARRESTED! 10 sick puppies seized.

Taken from this is the story from the Chronicle Herald Friday October 26th, 2007...

Provincial SPCA investigators seized puppies from a property in Roxville, near Digby, on Friday for the second day in a row.

Every RCMP officer available in the town Friday also went to the blue bungalow on Highway 217, where things turned ugly in a hurry.

Gail Benoit was home when the officers arrived and was arrested. She was screaming obscenities and rocking violently in the back seat of a police car when she was taken away.

Cpl. Trish McQuarrie later took photos of a large gob of phlegm on the plastic shield between the front and back seats where Ms. Benoit allegedly spat.

"All we’re there for is to keep the peace . . . and to ensure that the SPCA officers are able to do their job," Cpl. McQuarrie said.

Eight puppies were seized from the home and garage on Friday after two were taken away on Thursday.

Ms. Benoit’s husband, Dana Bailey, was not home during the raid but he arrived at the Digby RCMP detachment shortly after 5:30 p.m. and began shouting at officers.

"What were you doing at my house again today?" he said, continuing to shout and curse.

"You’d better let her out," he said, referring to his wife. "She’s had enough. Do you hear me? She’s had enough."

He then jumped into his minivan and drove off.

A sign on the rural home’s mailbox says Puppies Us. A middle word or letter appears to be missing.

Judith Gass, past-president of the Nova Scotia SPCA, said investigators at the property on Thursday found more pups thought to be infested with parasites, so they returned on Friday.

Some of the pups had bulging abdomens and likely carried large loads of worms, Ms. Gass said.

She said charges under the provincial Animal Cruelty Prevention Act and the Criminal Code are pending against one or more occupants of the home.

The SPCA was acting on complaints, Ms. Gass said, and the investigation will continue.

Petition -Target:Lifetime ban on Gail Benoit owning any type of dogs!!

Purpose of this petition is to try and get a lifetime ban on Gail Benoit from owning another dog again!! This will be presented to the judge in hopes he will see how many ppl she has affected with her sick puppies!! Hopefully this will help in making that Lifetime Ban come about!!

Please sign:

Magic 94.9 Tells the Story on Gail Benoit

Gail Benoit speaks out on Kijiji

Better Business Bureau

If you have been scammed- please report it to the BBB

Business Contact and Profile
Name: Puppies R Us
Address: 11386 Hwy 217
Digby, NS B0V 1A0
File Open Date: October 2008
TOB Classification: Dog Breeders
BBB Accreditation: This company is not a BBB Accredited business.

Update : Esther Smith's case is "unresolved'

Animal Abuse Data Base

Dana Bailey -

Gender: Male
Location: Marshalltown, NS (CA)

Oct 26, 2007 - Digby, NS (CA)
Alleged: Puppies neglected, 10 seized

Nov 23, 2000 - Marshalltown, NS (CA)
Alleged: 3 starving, hypothermic dogs seized from yard

Puppys R Us : Buyers beware

Buyers beware:

If you where to google any of the names in question - Dana or Gail, you will be provided with tons of google cache of kijiji warnings. It is a shame that they are removed. It only allows for more people to be scammed into buying a sick pup. It seems that this is more wide spreed as you can find ads as far as St.Johns NFLD. I have included a few screen shots of kijiji users warning others to stay clear of Gail Benoit & Dana Bailey. How many people need to be ripped of and abused by this company before the powers that be step in and take away their rights to own, sell or have animals in their care!

Seems to be some dirty tricks going on ......