Kijiji Buyers BEWARE of Puppy SCAM!

Gail Benoit & Dana Bailey continue to sell puppies despite their previous convictions of Animal Cruelty and upcomming charges on numerous other animal cruelty charges. They are now operating out of Dartmouth/Halifax area & continue to post ads on Kijiji in hopes of generating new sales.

"There was no doubt the pair mistreated dogs."

"The distressed state of the puppies was not a sudden occurrence. It developed over time. Even if the appellants’ control of the puppies had been brief — a matter of days — there was ample time and opportunity to relieve their then obvious distress, or to begin doing so,"

Characterization lacked "any air of reality" - Justice Peter Bryson Source

Thursday, November 25, 2010

"Having dogs down in the basement is just like havng money in the bank" - Gail Benoit

Update from Facebook Group "Ban GAIL BENOIT from ever owning ANY Animal PERIOD!"

Hello Group Members:

First of all, thank you for your ongoing support to potentially BAN Gail Benoit & Dana Bailey from ever owning animals and operating their questionable business “Puppies R Us”. Together, we have been able to win many tasks so far; including the public education and awareness this group has created. Each and every member should be proud to know that we are getting closer to the date where these two will and shall be held accountable for their actions.

There have been a lot of requests for updated information. Well, honestly there is not much to share; except that Gail Benoit & Dana Bailey will appear before the judge on December 9th, 2010 to set a date for their much anticipated trial.

This group and its administrators have been in contact with a few people lately; including a young gentleman by the name of MARCUS SMALL who shared his experiences with us. The administrators of this group received a facebook message from MARCUS SMALL on October 7th, 2010 stating the following:
“i used to live with their daughters and they stayed with them for a while in halifax... they had 4-5 dogs at any given time... no matter what the judge says they are still going to do it... gail said to me one day "having dogs down in the basement is just like havng money in the bank" their sick people !!! “

Messages like the above validate, and confirm that these “dirty deeds” are not about to stop anytime soon; until an official prohibition order has been issued by the judge.

Members of this group have been successful in the removal of MANY kijiji ads which have been placed over the past 3 years; without the dedication of active members; this would NOT have been possible.

It is very important for those who have been victimized by these people OR their accomplices to report it to your local police department. Without the ongoing cooperation of the members of this group along with the general public; including victims this sadly may never stop.

I wish each and every member and their furry friends a very Merry Christmas, and look forward to working with EVERYONE to finally see and end to this ongoing trend of sadness, madness and greed.

Thank you for continuing to be dedicated to the cause – together we WILL win this war of cruelty,


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