Kijiji Buyers BEWARE of Puppy SCAM!

Gail Benoit & Dana Bailey continue to sell puppies despite their previous convictions of Animal Cruelty and upcomming charges on numerous other animal cruelty charges. They are now operating out of Dartmouth/Halifax area & continue to post ads on Kijiji in hopes of generating new sales.

"There was no doubt the pair mistreated dogs."

"The distressed state of the puppies was not a sudden occurrence. It developed over time. Even if the appellants’ control of the puppies had been brief — a matter of days — there was ample time and opportunity to relieve their then obvious distress, or to begin doing so,"

Characterization lacked "any air of reality" - Justice Peter Bryson Source

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Digby Court Pretrial : May 18th 2010 --> trial is set for Oct 19-26 2010

"After numerous delays a trial date has finally been set for a Digby County couple facing animal cruelty charges. Five days have been set aside next October for the trial of Gail Benoit and Dana Bailey.

The two have made headlines over the years for running a puppy mill and have previously been convicted of animal cruelty charges.

A former customer, Esther Smith, whose dog died hours after it was bought, says they shouldn't even be allowed to own a goldfish when this is over." source: ttp://


Anonymous said...

What a piece of shit she is. I hope she is never even allowed to own a flea!

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